Beretta Xtrema 2 Semi Automatic Camo Shotgun

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Class: Semi Automatic ShotgunCondition:Style: GameGuage/Calibre: 12gChoke: Multi ChokeChamber:3&qout;Barrel Length: 28inchSOLD
Gas Operation System with Exhaust Valve. The unique gas operation system, patented by Beretta, with self-cleaning gas cylinder and piston, is provided with a self cleaning exhaust valve that automatically vents the excess gases of the most powerful cartridges.The result is that the shotgun, without any adjustment, fires everything from the weakest 28g (1 ounce, 3 ¾ dram equivalent) game load to the heaviest 64g (2 ¼ ounce) Super Magnum cartridge. The exhaust valve remains attached to the barrel, ensuring easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the shotgun.Using accelerated salt-spray testing, the unprotected steel barrel section (top) shows corrosive effects, whereas the Aqua Technology–protected barrel (bottom) looks brand new. In fact, the Beretta Extrema II is the only gun to have passed a 150-hour salt-spray test with no signs of corrosion. Also, all steel par ts are now manufactured from stainless steel or are plated with either: nickel, Bruniton, PVD, Aqua Film (receiver & barrel) or chrome (barrel, bore and bolt), making the Xtrema2 a match for even the most extreme environments.Beretta’s new Kick-Off hydraulic dampening reduction system reduces recoil an astounding 44% more than its closest rival by using two hydraulic recoil dampers incorporated into the stock “spacer” unit. The recoil energy is gradually dissipated by the hydraulic dampers, resulting in superior comfort for the shooter.Class: Semi Automatic ShotgunCondition:Style: GameGuage/Calibre: 12gChoke: Multi ChokeChamber:3&qout;Barrel Length: 28inch