Accu Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

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AccuSharp Sharpener. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust, and can be cleaned in dishwasher. Works on knives, axes, hoes and serrated edges. Full length safety guard protects fingers. White handle.
The AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener is a ‘best in class’ all-purpose sharpener that is both affordable and well made. Designed and manufactured in the USA, it offers reversible blades for longer life and is easier to use than many other more complicated products. You will be hard-pressed to find a sharpener that is as versatile as the AccuSharp.Simple but Intelligent DesignWith a patented design, the AccuSharp has revolutionised knife sharpening; rendering archaic grinding stones and messy oils obsolete.  With its ergonomic shape and comfortable grip, handling this unique sharpener is simple and effortless.  It doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed, thanks to the AccuSharp’s universal design, it can be used in either.  Lightweight, compact and with a dedicated lug, the utensil is easy to store in either a draw, pocket or hung up. The AccuSharp is low maintenance and will not rust when washed with soap and water. It can also be put in the dishwasher. Unlike fixed point sharpeners where you have to grind the knife down in an awkward and laborious manner, the AccuSharp’s design allows for a more natural and smooth draw through technique. The results of which are razor sharp knives produced by minimal effort.Tungsten Carbide Sharpening BladesThe sharpening blades are manufactured from diamond-honed Tungsten Carbide, a high-grade metal more commonly found in industrial machinery. Thanks to the Tungsten Carbide’s heavy duty properties, the blades work effectively over a knife’s edge, stripping away the dull surface to create an exceptionally sharp finish.  They are also reversible, doubling the sharpener’s useful life and can be replaced when completely worn.Safety FirstCare is paramount when handling sharp objects and the AccuSharp has several features to ensure your safety.  A wide and full length finger guard offers protection from accidental cuts and scrapes during use. A grooved head design creates a firm connection and helps to guide the blade while sharpening, thus preventing any forms of slippage. A firm grip can also be maintained due to the AccuSharp’s patented design.Perfect For All Your Sharpening NeedsIt really doesn’t matter what type of knife or edge needs sharpening, this utensil is perfect for all uses.  Whether serrated or extremely blunt, knives are easily rejuvenated with a clean finish making this sharpener ideal for cooks and foodies alike. Alternatively, if you are keen on DIY, you can be confident that even the most robust and hardy of tools can be sharpened with equal precision. Or perhaps outdoor and leisure pursuits lead to you needing a lightweight sharpener that can be easily transported. Whatever your use....the AccuSharp is suitable for all.AccuSharp’s Top Tips

  • Very light downward pressure is all it takes to sharpen to a professional standard
  • The AccuSharp’s blades should be at a 90° degree angle to the knife’s edge
  • Make sure the knife is cleaned thoroughly after sharpening
  • When reversing or changing the sharpening blades, make sure you do not over tighten the screws