Cold Steel Konjo II

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&qout;Konjo is a Japanese term that, in the American vernacular, would roughly translate as &qout;Guts&qout;. It suggests courage under adversity, intestinal fortitude, and a dogged tenacity in the face of physical hardship, pain or even danger. This is an admirable quality in anyone, and it makes an admirable name for these new Japanese styled knives.&qout;This Konjo II features a high polish &qout;long sword point&qout; blade with false top edge, 1/8&qout; blade stock, 1 1/8&qout; blade depth. Full tapered tang construction with nickel silver dovetailed bolsters and polished black micarta handle. Includes black leather sheath with rayskin inset.
Some additional features:Tapered Tang: This feature, though costly, dramatically improves the knife's balance and reduces its overall weight without sacrificing strength where it's most needed.Bolster: Bolsters serve to strengthen the handle and prevent it from cracking or splitting under stress. The Konjo's™ are equipped with highly polished nickel silver bolsters designed to emulate the Habaki (blade collar) on a Japanese sword.Handle: The grip scales are made of highly polished black linen micarta. These have been hand fitted and permanently attached to the tang by epoxy and custom &qout;star&qout; bolts.Sheath: The Konjos™ come complete with a sturdy, rich looking sheath that includes a distinctive, decorative inlay of black same (ray skin).Product Specifications:

Blade Length 4.875&qout;
Overall Length 9.25&qout;
Classification Manufactured Knife
Weight N/A

Additional Specs

Bolsters Nickel Silver
Blade Materials VG-1 San Mai Steel
Handle Materials Micarta