Combat Arms Earplugs

From €12.00

These earplugs were designed specifically to address the unique hearing protection needs of the armed forces. The yellow tips should be inserted when ambient noise levels are not hazardous and when the wearer wants Hear-Through capability with instant protection from impulse noises (i.e. weapons fire or explosive devices). This earplug tip (yellow) incorporates a patented technology designed for, tested and used by the US military to allow clear hearing during non-hazardous noise and instant protection against impulse noises such as weapons fire. Noise reduction increases with sound level for impulsive noise such as weapons fire above 110 dB.
Estimated attenuation ranges from approximately 0 to 22 dB. The green tip end should be inserted when continuous hazardous noise is present and if it is determined that the attenuation reduces the hazardous noise to a safe level as determined by a qualified professional. This green tip provides continuous noise reduction to ambient noises such as aircraft, armored vehicles or machinery.