Deerhunter Recon Jacket

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  • Outshell Comp 100% Polyester High Count Brushed Tricot with Backside Lamination
  • Deer-Tex® membrane
  • Strong 2-way Zipper
  • Radio Pocket with Waterproof Zipper
  • Back Pocket with Waterproof Zipper
  • Adjustable Cuffs with Neoprene
  • Waist Drawstring
  • Frost-proof Silicone Buttons
  • 9 Functional Pockets
  • Machine Washable

Deerhunter Recon Jacket With Reinforcement Equipt® Pixel Pattern CamoCompletely new from Deerhunter the Recon series of clothing offer the shooter the latest camo pattern to the market combined with very techincal clothing to compliment the shooters requirements. The Recon jacket with reinforcement has the Deer-tex® lining which protects the shooter from the weather. keeping out the rain and the wind but still alowing the body to breath. The right shoulder is reinforced to reduce wear and tear on the jacket from constantly mounting the gun, the arms are also reinforced to allow you to bush away branches, stingers and thorns with ease and offer additional protection to you and the jacket. For addtional comfort the jacket is made with a 4 way stretch material allowing a ease of movement in any direction as you require. Various pockets are located all over and inside the jacket for storage and radio. For winter use the jacket has been tested down to -15°, however with the breathable Deer-tex® liner it is also comfortable to wear up to 20°Equipt® Pixel PatternEquipt pixelation, which is multifunctional, changes like a chameleon and blends in with nature. With this camouflage, the quarry will not be able to see how close the hunter really is, which increases your chances of getting very close to the quarry. Equipt® adapts to nature with its multi grey/brown and green shades, whether it is in the open fields or in the forest areas. The pattern is changing constantly and doesn't really show a motif, but because of the pixelation, it adapts to the shapes and colours in nature and becomes part of it. Equipt® is the best choice for the serious hunter, who wants the best possible camouflage and who only settles for the best.