Harkila X-Invisible Jacket Camo

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Thorough tests and close co-operation with Gore-Tex have led the way to the development of the X Invisible suit. The outer material is a 2-layer Gore-Tex material which is a lot lighter than before, and the suit is therefore perfect for the hunter who moves a lot. X Invisible gives optimal breathability because of the mesh lining in jackets and trousers. All pockets are 100 % wind and waterproof and the suit retains its extreme low weight during rain. For even better breathability the jacket has zip ventilation in armpits and the back pockets in the trousers can also be used as ventilation openings.
Camouflage clothing has long been associated with military surplus or cheap chinese imports. That is no longer the case with Harkila's X Invisible range being a highly technical camouflage outfit made by people who use it for people who need it. It is probably the most advanced technical camo suit currently available. The camouflage pattern is a mossy oak new break up which is excellent in the widest range of hunting environments from the forest to the hill.