Napier Super VP90 Corrosion Protection

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  • A must for your gun cabinet (and where you store other metal items)
  • Stops rust and corrision developing in your guns and rifles
  • We use it and the results are amazing

This is for a sachet of Napier VP90 Total Corrosion Protection - use in your gun cabinet or in your gun slip. Napier VP90 offers the greatest level of protection of any gun rust inhibitor. Simply place a VP90 sachet inside your gun bag, case or cabinet and the blended vapour phase inhibitor releases a controlled mono molecular chemical into the atmosphere. It is attracted to all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and it will not adhere to wood, plastic or glass. It is far more effective than using a silica gel - as silica dries out your stock / woodwork causing potential problems later. One Super VP90 pouch will protect metal objects in a 1cubic metre storage place for 1 year. Larger areas may require more than one pack. You can also put one in your gun slip. VP90 must not be confused with silica gel or similar desiccants. These products simply dry out the air within the confined space and can lead to serious damage to wooden parts of the weapon. It is safe to use on even the most delicate parts and will seek out exposed metal even in places that you cannot reach with the oil can. Anywhere air can penetrate VP90 will protect!! VP90 vapour deposits an invisible mono molecular film which bonds to any exposed metal surface and guards against the effects of corrosion and continues to do so even in extremes of temperature or humidity. VP90 is the first product designed specifically for use in gun safes. If you value your weapon, VP90 sachets are a must have. It is supplied with full instructions in a sealed package, VP90 packs can be placed inside any cabinet with the adhesive tab provided, or can be put inside your gun slip. VP90 is made to complement the finest range of cleaners and lubricants you can use on your gun. Independent test proves that VP90 really works. The Swedish National Testing and Research Institute have recently tested VP90 and it passed with flying colours.