Primos Randy Anderson Mouth Call 2 Pack

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These mouth calls have been designed to Speak The Language of the coyote. The Sonic Dome predator mouth call is used to create higher pitched howls. It has a natural skip that perfectly reproduces the interrogation howl that Randy uses to lure in wise old coyotes. The Double Howler predator mouth call has a deeper pitch, which is perfect for making the coyotes lonesome greeting howl. Both calls make the full range of coyote howls and distress calls. Get out there and Speak The Language.

  • 2-pack of predator mouth calls designed for coyotes
  • Sonic Dome perfectly reproduces high-pitched interrogation howl
  • Deep-pitched Double Howler matches lonesome greeting howl
  • Calls combine to make full range of howls and distress calls
  • Designed by Team Primos member Randy Anderson