Remington 870 Express Super Magnum Camo

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Class: Semi AutomaticCondition: Second HandGuage/Calibre:12gChoke: M/CChamber: 3 1/2&qout;Barrel Length: 28 inch
OVERVIEW:Its solid, ultra-dependable action makes it America’s favorite. If you could throw the lid off every duck blind, you’d probably see more Model 870™ Express® pumps than any other shotgun. It’s been the standard for slide-action performance for more than 50 years. And because it’s a Super Magnum, it handles everything from light 2 3/4&qout; loads to heavy 3 1/2&qout; magnums, it’s the standard for versatility as well.This extensive lineup continues to grow each year, and covers virtually any application in any neck of the wetlands you’re hunting. Its versatility, reliability and uncompromising quality make the Model 870 Express a shotgun you can’t afford to be without. We’re proud to make them, but even prouder of the fact you’ve made them America’s Pump Guns.KEY FEATURES:

  • Superior design and inherent strength of America’s favorite pump shotgun, the Model 870™
  • Super Magnum receiver same size as all 12-gauge Model 870™ shotguns for same balance point
  • Innovative bolt design keeps cycle stroke equal for all 3 lengths of 12-gauge shotshells
  • Supplied with sling, HiViz® sights, and Rem™ Choke &qout;Over-Decoys&qout; choke tube