Ruger M77 22 Hornet

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Small to Medium Game Fun in a Full-Size Rifle. In 1983, Ruger responded to the many shooters who desired a high-quality, adult-size 22 rimfire rifle - one that was built to centerfire standards of strength, accuracy and aesthetics. Focused on building a rifle that was accurate, economical, and extremely handsome, Bill Ruger launched the family of bolt-action rifles using the rotary magazine.Comparing favorably with custom-made firearms, the innovative Ruger 77/22  has established itself as the perfect rifle for small game hunters, ranchers, and long-range informal &qout;plinkers.&qout; Offered in a variety of calibers and configurations, these rifles boast all of the technological advancements of the M77® Mark II rifle with the rugged and utterly dependable Ruger detachable rotary magazine.Condition: New Style: Bolt Action Guage/Calibre: .22 Hornet