Stormsure Rips and Hole Fixer

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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive will stick virtually anything. It is excellent for repairing anything that needs to be waterproof or airtight. It is highly abrasion resistant, and will glue together almost any two surfaces! It is slow curing, so there is never a rush to get it right. But once cured it is very difficult to break it apart. Stormsure is flexible when cured and ideal for fixing leaks and rips in leather, rubber and most man made or natural fabrics. Cut patches and stick over rips leaks and tears. Very strong, tough, abrasion resistant and stretchy. 100% waterproof. Great for tents, wellies, waterproofs and inflatables. When making a patch cut it so the corners are rounded, not sharp points. Easy to peel. Sticks to almost everything. Use on plastic buckets with cracks, tent and ground sheet rips, leaks in seams and waterproof clothing, inflatable items, tennis racket handles, etc etc.